The British Longhair Cat


The British is about as far away as you can get from a Siberian. They are the real 3 paws on the ground and sometimes they do not think that is enough.

The British is very loving though but again in there own way, they like to be close to you, lying quite close watching everything you do.

They can be very vocal and because of their fur they are like a persian a real indoor cat.

They might play with you with a play stick but do not get your hopes up, a couple of swipes and then they will ask if thats enough because they are bored as they would much rather sleep or cuddle up for a stroke on your lap.

The British Longhair Cat came about after the second world war  where the British Shorthair population was almost non existant. A few dedicated breeders used a number of cats including persian to bring back the health to this beautiful breed. The result was the odd long hair kitten. These were sold as kittens and nothing said. Later on though people began to notice that although they had the same personality, the same traits they were in fact totally differant with their long hiar and so the breed was born. It was accepted overseas before it was accepted in the UK and as we speak in 2019 they are still not fully accepted into the GCCF.

TICA recognised them some time ago so it is quite common to see them in their shows through out the UK and in Europe.


James and Sue