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Sayadaws Traditional Siberian Cats


Star with Kittens

Our Female Siberian Cats

"Buttercup" , "Ermintrude" , "Pawsha" , "Petra" , "Star", "Whillow".


Siberian cat Sayadaws buttercup Mo Mo.

Sayadaws Buttercup Mo Mo


Brown (Black) Classic Tabby / White


Traditional Siberian Forest Cat

Our home grown girl. One of her kittens (Sayadaws Asguard Amitola aka Simba)being shown as an alter is already a Regional Winner and Quadruple Grand champion 2016-2017 season. He has since in his very next show Became a Supreme Grand champion by becoming a judges best cat not once but 3 times from 3 differant judges and was third best alter in the show. If he carries on as he is, he will be a regional winner this year (2017-2018) too.

Thank you to Caroline Hughes for showing our boy.



Siberian cat picture

Siberian cat picture

Siberian cat picture