Sayadaws Traditional Siberian Cats




Siberian Kittens in a bit of a basket.


Canvas Art.


For people who wish for a picture of their pet to hang on the wall but just wish it was in canvas or that parts of the background could be removed, we at Sayadaws are proud to announce that we now have a service that can rectify this problem.

Printed onto canvas then mounted onto a wooden canvas stretcher ready to be hung on your wall.

All you need will be a nail or a screw in the wall to place it on. All our canvas pictures will be safe from fading in normal conditions up to 75 years as long as you do not leave it in direct sunlight.

All we need is for you to send us a a reasonable sized picture (Over 1mb would be nice but if the photograph is a good one we could manage with less) via e-mail. to with what you would like doing to the photograph and any text you would like adding to it. Then once you are happy with the results we will send you the completed picture once payment has been received.-

At a cost of only £20.00 plus £5.00 post and packaging.

See below for some examples.

Salaids Picture

A straight forward addition of name and title on this picture.

RW Mario

On this one is a complete background change along with the naming.


The background used in the picture of Mario.