Our Male Siberian Cats

""Antar", "Saladin".


D.RW. SGC Sayadaws Antar Tasker Rosa


Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby


Traditional Siberian Forest Cat

Father :- Champion Fernando Rosa Fria
Mother :- Sayadaws Primadonna Pawsha

Antar is the culmination of our breeding program to get a good type. He went to his first show at 9 months old and against 3 RW SGC Siberians including one of ours he came out top Siberian in the show and a Triple Grand Champion ... not bad for the end of the season show where points are hard to find. Then in his 2nd show the first in the new season he was best cat in show and did everything to become a Supreme Grand champion but was just 30 points short.

So it was his 3rd show that he won the points to be one. In that second show he managed 5 x 1st places and 5 x 2nd places not bad for a 10month old, especially when he did the same at the next one too.

He went on to become the 2nd best Siberian in the world not to mention a regional winner.

He now relaxes at home he gumbles about how quiet it is now in retirement so it is possable he might go back to the show bench at a later date.