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James and Sue ...Our beginnings and Show news.


 We live in Cambridgeshire. Not far from Peterborough.

We are hobby breeders and enjoy showing. we had been breeding and showing for some years before James saw his first Siberian in the 'flesh' in 2005 and fell in love with them on first sight.

Our first Siberian showed us just how energetic they can be.

  Her soft gentle nature shone through and she quickly became one of the family.

 We decided later to breed Siberians only.

We have Imported a variety of the Stunning Siberian cats to our home as can be seen in our cats pages.

Since then we have breeding our own line of Show winning Siberian cats and kittens, in the future we look forward to improving our lines and the superb Siberian cat in the process.

We have since managed to get :-


Regional Winner Supreme Grand champion Sayadaws Saladin Son ver Sevastian


Best Silver Shaded Siberian Cat in the World

3rd best Siberian in the World over all.

12th best long haired cat in Western Europe

14th best all breed cat in Western Europe

Also :-

Regional Winner Grand Champion Mario Sniezny Urwin of Sayadaws


16th best kitten in Western Europe


 Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Sayadaws Antar Tasker Rosa


Best Brown (Black) Spotted Siberian in the World

2nd best Siberian cat in the World over all

6th best Long haired cat in Western Europe

7th best all breed cat in Western Europe.


Regional Winner Supreme Grand Alter Sayadaws Asgard Amitola


16th best all breed alter in Wester Europe

All in 4 shows.

having been show by his owner Caroline & Allen Hughes.

Well done Caroline & Allen well deserved.

2017 - 2018

Results not yet in.


James and Sue

Siberian Kittens